Tasty Oily Olive-y Tomato-y Pasta

This is a recipe from ‘Recipes for Wild Vegans 2’. All the recipes in this zine were tried and tested on our cross Europe cycle tour. They’re designed to be easy, quick to cook (so you don’t use too much gas) and only using what you can pull from your pannier bag! The salt from the Olives is lip-smackingly good after a long day cycling, and we’re all about those carbs. We stuck with spaghetti on the tour because it took up the least space and cooked the fastest, but at home we us whatever pasta we can find. Also, garlic was the easiest thing to flavor our food with (despite Abi’s best intentions) but at home we ease off on the garlic and add smoked paprika and a wee bit of chili when cooking, and top with nutritional yeast to serve!